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BREAKING: Network Marketing Legend Ditches Industry and Creates Big Income Online!
Written on July 25th 2017
I thought I was doing everything right... I was going to a decent college and getting good grades so I could get a high paying job at the end of 4 years...

But, I quickly realized... that getting a traditional style job is painfully boring.

PLUS, why would I want to work 40 hours a week for 40 years of my life, in the hopes of having enough money to retire when I'm too old to enjoy it?
All I really wanted was to make enough money so I could support myself and live life on my terms.

Back then I only needed $2,000 per month to be financially stable.

The struggle was, I was making baby money and soon enough I’d either have to get a “real job” or I was going to move back in with my parents.

The real struggle was that my parents had given me everything; raised me, put food on the table, put me through college and here I was feeling like a disappointment, not providing anything for my family in return. Ever felt like this?

At first, all I wanted was to make enough money to cover my car and food. But when it really boils down to it I really just wanted to make my parents proud & take some financial burdens off their shoulders so they could retire.
So I went on this long journey to figure out how to become a successful entrepreneur, but I realized I was trying to make money in all the wrong opportunities.

I tried starting my own car rental business, selling iPhones on eBay, Network Marketing, literally everything you can imagine.

I had some small successes but failed more than I succeeded and in the process, I managed to rack up $20,000 in credit card debt. (I felt kinda like this guy below)
But then I met my friend, Adam, who literally changed my life. He showed me how I could make money online building what I now call “cash flow websites.”

Simple 2-page websites that you could put $1 in advertising and make at least $2 back in revenue.

He would set up these little websites and started creating additional sources of income in a matter of days.

I saw him start to make over $30,000/mo all from home from behind his laptop.

And better yet, some of his friends were earning $1,000,000 their first year setting up these little “cash-flow sites”.

So I created a master plan. I was gonna learn from Adam, and whoever else I could until I figured it out.

So I invested all the money I had, including hiring one of the greatest marketing coaches in the world. Which as you can imagine wasn’t cheap. And learned a bunch of cool stuff…
The problem was that there was a lot of hype, B.S., and stuff that just flat out didn’t work.
After months and months of failure and wasted money I finally started making money!

One of my businesses started making $20/day. Then another one started making $1000 per month…

And we just continued to tweak and refine the process. And I even got to the point where one of them is currently earning us over $100,000 per month.

What would you do if you had a business paying you $100,000 per month?

That would be pretty cool, right?

(Below is a screenshot from one of our merchant accounts)
To say the least, it’s been WILD, exciting, and has opened my eyes to whats possible when you run with the right opportunity.

After traveling the world for 5 years, buying exotic cars and meeting some of the most influential people on the planet… a bunch of my friends started bugging me to teach them the ropes.

So reluctantly I started showing a few of them. And they started getting similar results. Take my friend, Nolan Johnson, for example. He is one of my top students!

Sure enough, in only a few short months, Nolan went from $0 online to clearing $5K, $10K, and even $15k months all online using the strategies I've taught him. He's had so much success that now that I'm proud to say we work together as business partners.
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